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2015年10月23日 星期五

至愛Cocktail - Bellini Sunset Tour Blogger Event

Ready to Drink Cocktail中,最喜歡的就是 Bellini!
I enjoy drinking with friends during party time.
Bellini is my favourite ready to drink cocktail!

很高興今次參加 Bellini Sunset Tour Blogger Event,了解更多關於Bellini的種種!
It is my pleasure to join the Bellini Sunset Tour BloggerEvent, to understand more about Bellini!

今次Event在佐敦木的地酒店 (Hotel Madera HK) Cafe 1997
很有格調的小 cafe
The event was held in a Jordan stylish cafe - Cafe 1997 at Hotel Madera HK.

Bellini1948年於威尼斯 Harry's Bar誕生。
Bellini was born in Venice in 1948 at Harry’s Bar and was the idea of Giuseppe Cipriani. This Venetian cocktail was named after Giovanni Bellini ( Venetian Painter) who used a similar pink colour in most of his masterpieces.

Bellini 意大利氣酒 Prosecco + Canella白桃肉,再加少許覆盆子/紅苺汁,就有Bellini特有的可愛粉紅色了。
Bellini is made from a blend of Italian sparkling wine ( Prosecco) and pulp from white peaches grown by Canella. A few drops of wild raspberry juice are added to give the cocktail the famous pink colour.

5% 酒精濃度人人皆宜,卡路里也不高!
Bellini is a natural product with no added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives. Other benefits include its low alcohol content of 5% and only 57kcal per serving.

為了令大眾在威尼斯外都能飲BelliniCanella 1988年把Bellini入樽,外銷到世界各地。
The idea is that anyone can enjoy Bellini the way it should be without the help of a professional bar tender. BELLINI by Canella is THE ORIGINAL IN BOTTLE SINCE 1988. The different sized bottles of this product make it possible to serve it in a bar as a single serve cocktail without any waste.

如果男仕的話,可能Canella 的 Prosecco意大利氣酒比較適合。
無水果,感覺比Bellini dry 一點。
Canella's Prosecco is a better choice for man, less sweet favour.

當然係一班人,尤其女生開 party
When is the best time to drink Bellini? Of course during party, especially for the ladies! Bellini is easy to drink, a good choice for a trendy and fresh aperitif and a pre-party drink.

750ml bottle is only around $150-160, definitely a value for money and tasty cocktail!

Cannot stop once I start drinking Bellini!

有興趣試飲Bellini的朋友,可以到由22號開始,到於中環舉行的Wine & Dine (Booth No.C207)了解一下哩!
Please feel free to visit the Bellini Booth at Wine & Dine2015 (Booth No.C207) during 22-25 October 2015!

限時Blogger 團購 訂購優惠:
如客人於201511月內,通過以下官網訂購 6支 750ml Bellini,表明Blogger 團購優惠,可享$700 / 6支 750ml 包送貨優惠。
送貨日期為20151115日後。想開party時試試Bellini 的朋友不要錯過。


About Bellini
Do you know Bellini? Yes, that's Peach + Prosecco.
Canella Bellini is the only one who makes Bellini with FRESH peaches in bottle.
Let's share our Bellini.

Bellini 產品於本港Citysuper, Yata 及 Sogo 超級市場發售。